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Our New blog Coming Soon!

The creative minds behind Deviant Savant Studios have brought you dynamic and award winning multimedia for over 11 years now. Staying the course of excellence, our team have worked countless hours on re-building our web presence with the new re-launch of We hope you enjoy the new experience we have created for you!

We are excited to announce that part of our new look will include a “Deviant Savant” blog. Centered in multimedia creations, we look forward to exploring the many possibilities this new medium of expression can benefit you the viewer, the community, and artists alike. Please check back often. Coming Soon!


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Butcher Babies by Deviant Savant

Multimedia artist Deviant Savant has been amazing his audiences for over a decade with his acute eye for the strange beauty which lies within the dark corners of the taboo and the macabre. Followers have grown to expect over the years nothing but brilliant, evocative and imaginative works on subject matter few dare to explore.

Inspired by his own childhood nightmares, Deviant Savant embarks on a new art medium, "3D/sculpture." Art created by re-purposing a tormented past... Like it or not, etched in our memories are the primal fears of childhood. From the dark space that lies beneath our beds, out from behind a half open closet door, or the glaring stare of a doll from across a dimly lit room. Immortalizing your deepest fears through art of the macabre, Deviant Savant is the new boogie man.


Our New Portfolio Demo Reel

Deviant Savant Studios posses a full understanding and the importance of branding a company's image. From the construction of a new one page parallax, responsive portfolio site, to creating a new timeless logo and procuring a type font that feels like it belongs. All of these are an important elements for the branding and re-launching of a already popular website.

Another over looked aspect of branding is the powerful medium of video. Probably one of the most important and useful mediums that exists today. A new 2017 Studio Demo Reel was on the re-branding agenda from the beginning. We designed it to be bold and epic! Something that would leave an impression not easily forgotten. We are proud to present to you, the new Deviant Savant Studios 2017 Demo Reel.     Please enjoy!


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Announcing Our www. Re-Launch

It's been over a decade since the maiden launch of At that time we built a beautiful multi-page portfolio site, and as we grew into video production so did our website! We were able to build upon our existing brand, for years adding new kinds of medium, and experiences for our many fans, and the occasional voyeur.

Our studio finally grew out of our old website. We were growing beyond what the old website could provide. Big changes had to happen! Our team have worked countless hours on re-building our web presence. The results is the new 2017 re-launch of We have created a one page parallax, responsive portfolio site. This will allow us to serve you much better, at the same time giving you the best experience possible.